Zombie Teacher: A Tough as Nails Arcade Platformer

Zombie teacher is a head banger of a game that is as easy as counting to 1,000,000 in the time of a second! But just because of the extreme difficulty, does not mean this game should be counted out. I tried the demo of Zombie Teacher currently available on itch.io and had a blast playing!

Zombie teacher is about... well, a teacher that one day, for reasons unknown, is transported by an evil Arcade machine to VIDEO GAME HELL, but this cloud has a silver lining. Zombie Teacher is given a chance to get back to reality. All he has to do is complete every trial in Video Game Hell and collect every Vintage Arcade Machine at the end of each level. If he completes every trial successfully he will be given back his old, living body and be transported back to reality.

Yes, the game is hard and yes that wretched red death cloud thing that kept catching me on level 2 (probably because of my screaming, which Iā€™m sure kept the neighbors awake all night) but Zombie Teacher is so enjoyable and easy to get into from the get go the difficulty is easily overshadowed.

The reason this game is so incredibly hard is the feeling of not knowing your surroundings. Every level is a new experience, which is what keeps the game interesting throughout its entirety. Not everything can be seen on screen at all times, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and just hope for a good outcome. Another reason this game is so challenging is the constant change in level design. At one point you may be bouncing from large cloud to large cloud, then the next minute you are jumping on very small flying creatures. This is constantly getting the player out of their comfort zone and making it a bit more thrilling.

The developer, Edgy Games, made the statement " I wanted to make a game that felt like a triumph when you finished it, something that not many people would be able to do. It's all about bragging rights after all. I hope this is reflected in the demo and above all, I hope the game makes you laugh (a happy laugh, not an angry one)ā€.

It is truly a game that can make you laugh (both happy and angry) while at the same time have you hitting your head on the keyboard or throwing your controller at the wall in frustration and having a good time doing it.

Another standout feature is the art style, which, like the levels, is constantly changing. On level three is where I first saw this feature which made me fall in love with the game even more. Me being a person who not only relies on good storytelling for a game to appeal to me, but I also appreciate the appearance of the game. On both level two and one you get the same art style as seen in most images of the game on this article, but on level 3 we are introduced to a scrapbook-like, art style and somewhere along the way there is a level that really makes you feel like you're playing an old Arcade game with a Retro, pixelated, art style.

So, in my opinion, designed in the manic play style of super meat boy and N+ before it, Zombie Teacher is as pure as they come when playing an indie platformer.

The game is currently on Kickstarter so if you have a chance, head over and check out the demo. If you enjoy it please go ahead and donate a little bit, I did! We can help bring a full version of this fantastic game to life for more head banging fun.

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