Everyone loves a good Metroidvania game, “Metroid” being the first game to start off this new genre of gameplay styles, blew up instantly. My personal favorite title from this genre is the well-known game “Cave Story” which, still to this day is loved by many people, the adventure of exploring an underground cavern deep in the depths of the flying island, with one goal being to save the island from mere destruction caused by a Doctor who went mad with power, and with me being a sucker for Metroidvania games I had to check out this new Indie title “Beyond Human”.

“Beyond Human” is a Metroidvania/Hack and Slash Sci-Fi indie title in development by 2Souls Interactive. It takes place in the year 2099, with the player controlling a silent protagonist who goes by the name “Adam”. Who has just woken up from a coma and is now suffering from amnesia. While playing through the game you’ll be able to explore who Adam is, and what has caused all of this chaos.

Starting off, you see a short cutscene with Adam bursting out of what looks to be a containment capsule, and here is where the game starts. I walked around the beginning room quite a bit to get a hang of the controls, I first tested keyboard controls, as far as I could tell, I wasn’t having much trouble with the controls, they weren’t too slippery, and the buttons didn’t have much of a delay.

I did come across a problem that caused the game to crash, after obtaining a power-up that allows you to dash in many directions, the game crashed because it didn’t understand something within the line of code for using the keyboard, thankfully the game was still playable due to controller support.

Playing with a controller actually made it feel a lot smoother, and very well functioning, the only problem I had was while playing with a controller, controls felt more slippery, other than that everything functioned perfectly gameplay-wise. The story isn’t really present in this game from what I’ve seen, this alpha demo is not complete, it’s rather just here to show off what the game is going to be like, and how it’ll play. Enemies were straightforward, you have soldiers, robot wall-climbers, a mech, and an alien.

As for the level, it plays out just as you’d expect if you were playing a Metroid title, it gives a nice little mini-map showing the areas you’ve been in, as well as marking rooms that are specifically for saving/checkpoints. Within the rooms for saving/checkpoints, you’ll be able to purchase upgrades, train, and restore all health and energy that you may have lost during playing the game.

The music and graphics of “Beyond Human” have a lot to offer, I compliment the developers for how well and very polished the game looks graphics-wise, and how well they were able to compose a track to fit this kind of preview level in the alpha demo. I mostly want to compliment the artist for how awesome they make the protagonist look, very smooth and detailed animations when using the dash ability, and how detailed they actually made enemies, backgrounds, etc. Really give off the sci-fi theme that they were going for. Even though it’s just one track composed so far, it really adds to the dark atmosphere of the facility.

Overall, I feel that “Beyond Human” has a lot of potential with what it’s got going for it so far, I’d definitely love to see them release maybe an updated version of the alpha demo so we’d have the chance to test out a few different weapon mods and abilities to traverse the level.

What I loved the most is how it felt similar to “Metroid Fusion” for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. I can’t wait to see what else they have in development.

“Beyond Human” is planned to launch March 1, 2018, for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 (Cross-buy), and PlayStation Vita (Cross-buy). The final game will feature, environmental storytelling, a total of six locations to explore, six boss battles, six unlockable weapons, ten plus mini-bosses, and twenty plus unlockable gun modes/melee moves. If you’re a fan of Metroidvania/Hack & Slash titles, I highly encourage you to check out “Beyond Human”, you most definitely will be very satisfied to see what this title has to offer!

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Jeremy Hetcher

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