With the coming in of the age of advancement and technology, the world of video games has entered into a whole new sphere. Equipped with high definition and real-time graphics, Clash Royale is all set in to grasp the attention of the players. It is a multiplayer game starring the famous Royales characters on the platform. Released on the 2nd of March 2016, this game crossed the billion mark in less than a year.

So, fasten your seat battles and enjoy the ride through the various niches of this multiplayer video game. Combining various elements from several collectible card games, tower defense games, and multiplayer online battle arena games, this game is a must for gamers! As can be understood by going through the clash royale stats, this game has already turned the tables in the gaming world.

Clash Royale: Simple to Install and Fun to Play

Clash Royale can be accessed quite easily on any smartphone, be it Android or Apple. Nowadays, with a high increase of players all over the world, this multiplayer video game can now be accessed on any laptop or desktop. While gamers playing on mobile phones can have easy access to the game, players wishing to play on PCs can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Installation of Bluestacks and running it on the required PC
  • Completing the process of one-time set-up
  • Hover on to the search option at the upper right-hand corner and search for the game
  • Click on the desired option in the app store or play store, followed by the install button.
  • After the app is installed, players are all set to crash into the game and enjoy it!

Players can earn ‘chests’ which shall lead them to the unlocking of various rewards. Furthermore, players may also receive new and powerful cards through them. Often, they might also be able to find upgrades of their existing deck of cards. By destroying the towers of opponents, players may have the chance of winning ‘Crowns.’ Learning different tactics of gameplay is now made even more exciting!

Some of the latest features of clash royale apk mod, which has been released quite recently, are as follows:

  1. Unlimited access to gold
  2. Limitless access to gems
  3. Unlocking and access to brand-new cards
  4. Option to battle with other players on the platform
  5. Can be accessed with ease on Android as well as Bluestacks
  6. Joining other clans on the platform

Users can download and enjoy playing on the latest released clash royale apk mod 3.3.0 right now!

Everything You Need to Know About Clan Wars 2 in Clash Royale

With the attractive new update of clash royale clan wars 2, the strategic gameplay has become even more exciting than before! Players can enjoy a whole lot of exciting new features at their fingertips. The game has now introduced a whole new feature of being able to play the game in a whole new way.

Players can now play something called the ‘Boat battles.’ For players to play clash royale clan wars 2, they would have to join a clan. This can be done quite quickly by heading on to the ‘Clan tab’ and choosing a particular ‘Clan Boat.’ By following the steps given below, players can quite quickly master this game. These few facts or steps are as follows:

  • Competing against other players in the ‘River Race.’
  • Creation of new ‘War Decks’ for the ‘River Race.’
  • Completion of ‘River Tasks’ using various ‘War Decks’
  • Earning ‘Fame’ by the completion of various ‘River Tasks’
  • Successful in reaching the finishing lane, by earning ‘Fame.’
  • Winning various ‘Big awards.’

The game also offers quite a few redemption codes, called coding in the free fire. This feature is available on the gaming platform as an exclusive in-game feature. By winning the reward codes, players shall win exciting new features on the platform! Players, however, need to be exceptionally quick in redeeming the codes. All they need to do is follow a few simple steps and lo behold! They shall be able to have their hands on the brand-new codiguin free fire.

Some of the few essential terms in this new update have been discussed below:

  • River Race – Players need to use their Clan Boat to participate in various Clan wars. To be able to move their boats, players must complete the river tasks. Winners in the river race are determined by who reaches the finishing line first.
  • River Tasks – These include some of the many hurdles that players need to complete. River tasks is an umbrella term for the following:
  1. Battles – by heading on to the traditional 1v1 battles, players can battle against other players on the game.
  2. Duels – by the usage of 3 decks, players can challenge and beat their opponents.
  3. Boat battles – setting up boat defense and attacking other clans throughout the river race.
  4. Boatyard – these features quick and cheap repairing of damaged boats
  5. Clan war colosseum – This can only be played in the Final week. Players can be able to win ‘Clan Trophies’ here.
  • Fame – This is all that the players strive for. It is the primary way of proceeding through a river race. Players need to know that fame cannot be earned with a damaged boat.
  • Boat Defenses – Players can set up a maximum of 10-15 boat defenses. Each boat defense comprises 3 defense towers, loaded with four cards chosen by a player. Boat defenses shall protect their Clan Boat.

What are Card Decks and How to Choose the Best One?

Clash Royale is a kind of game that includes highly strategic gameplay. It is essential for players here, to match up with the perfect deck of cards to assure their wins, by creating strong and powerful combinations in turn. Card decks are essentially the cards that a player shall use in playing a particular game on this platform. Given below are a few steps that shall help players in selecting the clash royale best deck:

  • Choosing a powerful card as the win condition – Win condition may be defined as the card chosen by a player as their primary offense. As this is the card that shall cater to the destruction of the opponent’s towers, players must choose this card judiciously. It is this card, surrounding which the player shall be building on their deck.
  • Deciding upon the archetype of the deck clash royale – Before every battle, each player needs to make a deck of 8 cards for gameplay. The kind of deck so created is termed as the deck archetype. The deck archetype needs to compliment the win condition, alongside the anticipation of what the opponent might use. Every archetype has its pros and cons. The three main kinds of deck archetypes are discussed below:
  1. Beatdown – this kind of deck lays focus on the destruction of the opponent’s tower, via strength. They possess a tanky win condition. They initiate by building up a positive elixir advantage. They are however weak when posed against Control decks. However, they are advantageous against Siege decks.
  2. Control – these are defensive decks, fighting from the player’s side of the map. They have an overpowering defense mechanism, including Cannon Tesla, Inferno towers, etc. They generally engage in spending less elixir to battle huge pushes. They are weak against Siege decks but good against Beatdown Decks.
  3. Siege – based on a potent offensive building win condition, they are found to attack from the player’s side of the map. They require a lot of skill-set to play. Though weak against Beatdown decks, they are powerful against Control decks.
  • Aiming for an average elixir price – It is found that the most effective deck clash royale has an average elixir cost of 3.0 – 4.0. however, there may be good decks found in higher or lower than this range.
  • Having a counter for everything – Players need to gather troops that are efficient in counteracting with the opponent perfectly.
  • Maintaining a play style- Different troops shall have different speed in battles. It is essential to keep in mind the aspects of both while building up the clash royale best deck.

Clash Royale Season 14: Prepare for War

With the launching in some attractive and exciting new features on the season 14 clash royale, players shall now be engrossed in gameplay, now more than ever! Some of the exclusive contents that will be made available in this season are:

  • Mega Tower Skin of the Mega Knight
  • Archer Emote exclusives

Using the pass royale in Season 14, players shall have access to a lot more! Other than 35 free rewards, each player shall be awarded 35 exclusive pass royale rewards too. The pass royale rewards shall include exciting features like six passes to the Royale Lightning chest, three rare passes to the Royale Lightning chest, and a whole lot more! Season 14 clash royale has its stage all set to engross the attention of players more intensively.

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Going through various clash royale stats and reviews, one can quickly encounter the amount of craze that this game has kindled amongst its players. Now with the gameplay made even more impressive than could ever be imagined before, this platform shall successfully encapsulate a lot more craze and audience.

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