The video game industry has undergone a drastic change in the past few years. One can not imagine the pace with which technological advances have taken the gaming industry into new heights. Discs that were used for video gaming have entirely disappeared from the market. Nowadays, every single console available in the market can be played with digital technologies. Now, the latest addition to this upward shift of the gaming industry is Cloud Gaming. So far, several gaming companies have introduced their cloud gaming services. Also, new gaming companies have been introduced that primarily deal with the same service. 

Cloud-based gaming offers gamers more convenience and speed. And one does not need anything more than traditional ownership. It has been almost a decade now that Cloud gaming has been creating a lot of buzz around the video game industry. However, recently, people are taking cloud games more seriously, and it is becoming more than just a buzz creator. Now, cloud gaming services like Google Stadia are widely available for gamers. Now, as the situation says, it is only a matter of time that cloud games dominate a significant part of the gaming industry. 

However, a lot of people are not clear about the concept and have several questions in their minds, such as what is cloud gaming? How does it work? Hence, this article will give the readers a detailed understanding of the basics of Cloud-based games. 

The Idea of Cloud Gaming

Clod based games are also known as game streaming. This mainly refers to those games that use cloud servers, rather than local devices, to operate video games. The main objective and the most significant benefit of cloud-based games is that this technology will provide a high-end gaming experience more simply and affordably.

Two chief cloud gaming benefits are making this technology rapidly accessible. The first significant advantage is that users in cloud games do not have to change and upgrade hardware every few years to play the latest versions of a game smoothly. The second reason is that in cloud-based games a player is allowed to play any game of his choice on any device. All it requires is a screen and an internet connection.

Cloud Gaming could have become famous a while ago, but they did not have proper support and a dedicated user base. Moreover, Wi-Fi connectivity was not as functional as now, and internet speeds were also pretty slow. But, currently, big companies such as Google, Sony, and Microsoft are participating in the cloud games industry. Moreover, next-gen consoles are also all prepared to offer game streaming support to cloud games. Hence, there is no doubt left that the gaming industry is moving towards cloud gaming, and cloud gaming platforms are going to hold the future. 

How does Cloud Gaming work?

In the majority of the cases, cloud-based games need a subscription that has to be paid every month or yearly basis. Some of the cloud games are free, however, and some services and games must be purchased. Moreover, many of the paid games are from trusted stores like Steam or Battle.ne. Hence, if a player wants, he can use them locally, all one needs to do is buy the necessary hardware and the bandwidth requirement.

One thing to remember here is that, rather than buying the hardware to run high-end video games, cloud game streaming allows players to offload the processing to the server of a company. Moreover, when a player starts running a game using a cloud game service, the server will act like a high-powered cloud gaming pc. Not only that, but one can also stream a cloud game from a distance of hundreds of miles. 

Gamers who have subscribed for cloud services will be able to access an app for their cloud gaming services on their device and choose any game they wish to play. On top of that, rather than downloading lengthy updates and hundreds of game content, a player can begin playing a cloud game within seconds since cloud games run on remote servers. The servers of Cloud Gaming are high-end PC parts. This allows for games to be played in very high settings.

How Could It Change The Gaming Industry?

In many ways, cloud-based gamers are changing the gaming industry and setting new standards. First of all, cloud gaming services do not need any expensive hardware investments or even upgrades. Moreover, in this type of gaming, a player does not have to upgrade the PC or console either. Also, now, with cloud games, players do not need to buy expensive gaming hardware they can use the existing equipment or cloud gaming pc and can still get hind end experience. Hence, cloud gamers are setting a new standard for players.

Moreover, while most of the high-end, non-mobile video games are currently based on PCs, Windows platforms, and consoles, whereas cloud games can be played on any OS platform or device. Hence, cloud games are also making gamers more platform-independent. Cloud games allow PCs and tablets that run on almost all the cloud gaming platforms such as Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows RT, etc.  

Moreover, cloud gamers have some other impressive advantages that are helping to change the gaming industry forever. Some features are, 

1. Instant Playing –Traditional games may need 10GB or even 20GB data download before one can play them. However, Cloud Gaming does not need much time taking downloads. One can start playing a cloud game instantly because the server will already have the game installed. 

2. Comfortable Streaming – Cloud games have made streaming and viewing very easy now. For example, for professional gaming matches, a viewer will not have to install the game. The cloud video stream could be duplicated and shared with many viewers. 

3. DRM – Now, cloud gaming companies have mainly worked to make them run on remote servers instead of a particular PC. As a result, cloud games are also tough to pirate. 

How is Cloud Gaming Impacting Mobile?

There are multiple ways in which cloud games are affecting the mobile gaming industry. Cloud-based games have been a subject of a lot of buzzes for almost a decade now. And now, finally, when technology allows gamers to access cloud-based games, there is no doubt that mobile games will experience the heat of it. 

Now, with the development of Google Stadia and Microsoft’s Project xCloud, cloud game companies are giving the gamers the ability to stream games to their mobile devices with almost no latency. In this way, cloud gaming companies are giving the mobile game industry a tough challenge. 

Moreover, cloud games are also setting quality benchmarks for the industry. They are providing high-quality gaming that generally needs high-end mobile systems at a much affordable price. For example, the stadia will support 4K resolution as soon as the launch, with 8K resolution to be quickly introduced in the Cloud Gaming industry. 

Now, the high-end gaming resolutions and a 60 frames-per-second frame-rate can easily be accessed on modest internet speeds. To be more precise, cloud games will support 4K at a speed of 30 to 35 Mbps. Hence we can see that Cloud Gaming is giving a tough challenge and even impacting the mobile game industry in multiple ways. 

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Is the Technology Ready For This? 

There can not be a single answer to the question that if our technologies are entirely ready for cloud features as technologies keep changing and upgrading every single minute. Cloud Gaming requires a robust infrastructure to provide smooth service. They need features such as data centers and server farms and high bandwidth requirements for stable internet connections. Moreover, because it has a reliance on high-quality video streaming, the aptitude of using a service regularly may also be restricted by data caps that will be imposed by certain internet providers.

Moreover, cloud companies are also working on technologies such as “Project Shield”. It is an Android-powered handheld gaming console that is capable of streaming PC games from a PC. However, the PC will need to have a powerful NVIDIA graphics card.  

Hence, it is obvious that the Cloud Gaming industry has already worked extensively on game-related technologies and is still working on multiple new areas to make all the technologies more reliable. Moreover, the dedicated hardware of the game providers can be upgraded with time. This will help them to support higher resolutions and high frame rates for fast rendering and smooth streaming. 

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Now that you know what is cloud gaming and how it works. You must have acquired an idea of how cloud-based gamers are going to dominate the gaming industry in the next few years. They are easy to store, do not need a long time to install, and give gamers a high-quality gaming experience at affordable prices. Moreover, cloud gaming benefits impress a lot of players around the world and have already created a fan base. Don’t forget that right now you can play all your favorite games on allnewgclub.com portal. Have fun!

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