Are you fond of dragons? Do you want to have your virtual world of dragons? Dragon City APK 2020 is a perfect choice that you can make. Now, you can create your dragon city. You can also feed your dragons so that they become more powerful, which eventually makes them give a tough fight to other players. 

This is the second part of my big review of the Dragon City game. Today I told about how to hack the game and get access to the unlimited resources of the game.

The virtual and strategic game of dragon city allows you to build your own (virtual) dragon city. A baby dragon is provided to each of the players in the beginning. The players are then required to feed them and train them. These baby dragons grow up to be huge and powerful dragon monsters. Now, the players can compete against the other 80 million dragon masters and can expand each of their dragon cities.

For feeding, breeding of and training a dragon, a player needs both gold and food. To free a dragon from a cage, a dragon master needs gems. Nevertheless, these are pretty difficult to earn. A dragon master also waits for a long time to get these gems.

Dragon City APK provides you with all the unlimited food, gems, and gold for free! 

In this article, you will get to know how to be a pro dragon master. 

What is Dragon City APK?

The modified (read: hacked) version of the official or original dragon city game is known as Dragon City APK. Unlike the official dragon city, dragon city hack allows you free access to unlimited resources like food, gems, and gold. You can free your caged dragon at any time you want. You can review your dragon as many times as you wish. You can also secure an unlimited amount of food, and you can do so much more. 

Main Features of Dragon City APK MOD

The dragon city mod allows you to:

  • Have access to unlimited food for your dragons
  • All dragons are unlocked at Level 1, so you do not have to keep waiting for your chance.
  • Review your dragon as many times as you want.
  • Expand your dragon city within a shorter span.
  • Unlock the greenhouse, that too, for free!
  • Open or have access to any of the ancient portals easily. 

What are you waiting for? Feed the dragons with unlimited food so that they grow up to be huge and robust and powerful. You can also make use of the unlimited gold so that you can adorn your dragon city. You can use these unlimited gems and speed up the hatching process of your grown-up dragons; you can name your new-born dragons and so on. It also allows you to unlock powerful dragons like Wildfire Dragon and Obsidian Dragon. 

The dragon city resources are unlimited. The dragon city hack is full of features that will help in improving your chances of winning against other players. Are you still skeptical about this version of the dragon city? You can go through these features: 

Unlimited Gold 

It is an essential feature of the dragon city mod. The unlimited gold will help you to purchase other resources too. 

Gold is the most crucial element in building the best dragon city. We need gold for adding habitats to the cities. These habitats are terra habitats, sea habitat, flame habitat, and so on. Using gold, you can also unlock dragons like Nature Dragons, Sea Dragons, and so on. 

Unlimited Gems

Gems are as crucial as gold is. You can use these gems to adding a building in your dragon city, review your dragon amidst an ongoing battle and unlock a few magical dragons as well. 

You can also free your caged dragons by using gems. Use the unlimited gems in unlocking them and later breed them when they grow up, to have an army of dragons. 

The dragon city mod unlimited gems let you have access to the eggs of various dragons like Volcano Dragon, Jelly Dragon, and so on. You can later hatch these collected eggs and complete the collection of your dragons.

Hundred Dragon Types

There are more than 80 million dragon masters. You need to defeat these dragon masters in the battle so that you can get your new dragon. 

I think that the best feature of dragon city mod is that it lets you have all the hundred dragon types, and you can utilize them whenever you need them. Many times, a single dragon is equipped with different elements. When you are fighting with professional and experienced players, you must make use of these dragons. 

Some of the dragon types can be categorized under air, flame, thunder, rock, and jungle. You can now breed two dragons from different categories to get one mighty dragon. This powerful dragon will have the powers and abilities of both of its parent dragons. 

Player vs Player (PvP) Battle

PvP is a short abbreviation for Player vs Player Battle. More than 80 million players regularly engage in this game. To be the best of these 80 million masters, you need to counter with other players with your most powerful dragons.

If you are a new player, you might be confused as to how to attack and defend. You can choose your powerful dragons to battle with any player, as they are equipped with powerful elements that are resistant to any kind of attack. You can also select an ‘attack’ option to attack your opponents. If you are a new player, it will be wise not to challenge a player who is experienced in fighting PvP battles. 

Unlimited Everything

It is one of the most loved features of dragon city mod. The game of dragon city becomes harder with each increasing level. With each level, you also get access to several other things that were not there in the previous level. 

You can unlock higher levels by battling as well as by expanding the territories of your dragon city, only if you have unlimited gems, gold, food, and orbs. This Unlimited Everything Mod lets you have unlimited dragon city resources like gold, gems, food, and orbs. 

How to install the APK?

You need to follow these steps to install Dragon City APK 2020 quickly: 

  • Click on the ‘Go to Download Page’ button. After you click on it, it will redirect you to the download page.
  •  Click on the ‘start download’ button, and within seconds, the process of downloading will begin. 
  • After you have downloaded the file, install the dragon city Android. You need to open the file manager. After that, click on the DragonCityMod.apk file. 
  • If this is the first time that you are installing something from your file manager, a warning message might pop up. Go to the settings and turn on the ‘allow’ button. 

It is an entirely optional step which is only applicable if a warning message pops up. You can skip this step and directly install the file if you do not find any warning message.

  •  Return to the previous page and try installing the game again. The file will be installed without any interruption or error.

You also need to uninstall the previous versions of dragon city Android, if any. If you do not, the process of installation will stop abruptly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of dragon city faq, with answers provided for each question:

  1. Is this safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe. Before reviewing an application, I check its security, working, and features of optimization. If any application lack any of these features, it is not reviewed and promoted anymore. 

  1. Why is it necessary to feed the dragons?

At level 1, we are provided with a baby dragon. Just like any other living babies, these virtual baby dragons cannot fight and win. So, your opponent, who has a vast and powerful dragon, will defeat your baby dragon. This is why you need to feed your baby dragon so that it grows up to be strong and sturdy. With an increase in power and strength, the dragon’s hunger is also increased, and you need to feed your dragon with more fruits.

  1. How to create the legendary dragons?

The legendary dragon can be created either by unlocking or by breeding. If you open it, you need to spend a lot of gems. The best way is to breed two dragons of two different powers and give birth to a new dragon. This new dragon is equipped with the powerful features of both of its parental dragons. The hatching time required by your legendary dragon is generally two days and 6 hours. 

  1. How can the beginners get more gems and diamonds?

 Being a new player, you need to build habitats, breed, complete regular goals, and fight with other dragon masters.

  1. What is the version of this game?

It is dragon city mod apk’s latest version. It is v10.1.1. 


Hopefully, all your questions have been answered in the list of dragon city faq. Now, you can build your virtual dragon city to win in every battle that you fight. 

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Jeremy Hetcher

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