Learning a new skill is a great way to develop your career in technology, a field where innovations are made all the time. If you already have a good job position in tech, you can get a promotion or raise by learning one of these skills. Learning a new skill is easy with an online course or coding boot camps, which you can attend from the comfort of your home. Most employers love workers that want to grow and learn, so most of them will sponsor you for one of these courses.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is the process of designing a product. The skill also goes deeper into the why, where, and how of finding the most adaptable solution. Design thinkers are experts who understand users and find solutions to optimally resolve complex issues. Design thinkers have to be creative to come up with outside-the-box solutions. They know how to approach a problem from different perspectives, which will result in unique products. Employers benefit greatly from having an expert design thinker in their midst.

BrainStation offers a design thinking course that lasts five weeks. Its curriculum includes customer empathy, ideation, applied design thinking, prototyping, and validation. BrainStation offers its students payment options and scholarships. It also accepts employer sponsorships, allowing some students to be reimbursed for the course by their employers. BrainStation has seven campuses in three countries and there are options to enroll remotely.


JavaScript is a programming language used to create animated and interactive websites. It is used in conjunction with HTML and CSS. But, JavaScript is responsible for how most of the websites we navigate today are. It also allows programmers to code games, web applications, and other interactive features to make the website more user friendly. JavaScript is used in the back and front-end of a website.

JavaScript also has more complex applications like developing blockchain features. A good JavaScript specialist will not only be able to create cool websites but also maintain and update existing ones. An employer in almost any industry could benefit from having a JavaScript developer. In any case, the skill opens many opportunities in the tech field.

General Assembly has a JavaScript development course and it accepts employer sponsorship for its courses. The JavaScript course lasts 10 weeks and students will learn fundamentals, control flow, functions, objects, jQuery, APIs, deployment, and more. Students can pay tuition via loan financing, ISAs, month-to-month installments, upfront payments, deferred tuition, and employer sponsorship. General Assembly also has more than 25 campuses and it has online courses, too.

UX Design

UX design is the process of creating a mobile or web interface that elevates the user experience. UX designers can conduct studies on what the user wants and need or they can be designers, per se, and be the ones to create mockups for a project. UX designers are responsible for how a website, web application, or mobile application feels for the users. Interfaces that are complicated to get around won’t be successful. It is the job of the UX designer to create user-friendly UIs.

DevMountain has a great UX design course that teaches UX research, wireframe and prototyping, visual design, information architecture, and motion design. It only takes 16 weeks to complete and you will get a certificate, plus an industry-ready portfolio. DevMountain accepts employer sponsorship and offers reasonable payment options. It has four campuses and the option to enroll remotely.

In Short

Many companies today include career development as a benefit for their workers. Even if it’s not included in the contract, most employers love to have more experienced employees.

You can start learning any of these skills listed above and your employer will probably be happy to sponsor you – you just have to ask. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn design thinking, JavaScript, or UX design, as all of these are in high demand in the tech world and will bring many benefits to your company.


Jeremy Hetcher

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